Sunday, 16 August 2015

The new kid on our blog | Little Meraki

So it's been a tough & crazy few weeks for us, with so much happening on the business side of things!

Our usual blog posts have had to make way for a tiny new sibling we like to call: Little Meraki 

I've been nurturing the idea of extending my lifestyle blog for a while now & I am so very pleased to share my dream with you!

I will always remain a lifestyle blogger, but since becoming a mom myself, I just felt the need to share my own experiences with fellow mommies out there...

(Photo Credit: Lilac Photography)

It seemed like a natural progression for us & I'm very fortunate, to have my sister on board with the "kiddie" side of the blog.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

We focus mainly on unique & one of a kind products for mommy and baby, as well as nursery decor and goodies for toddlers.

Please come visit us at our first market, hosted by our friends from #Minimo.

See you there!